Thursday, June 17, 2010

Taylor Lautner on CQ

He is young ant sexy with the great future due to the role as a wolf boy in Twilight Saga. This is the best example how the life can change when you're n the right place in the right time. Taylor Lautner knows exactly what I'm talking about. The new face on CQ pages.

We are all stressed when he is shirtless as his amazing shape is like a bomb not only for teenagers but for married woman. His gorgeous body reminds about hard work that he did to achieve this success.

I think that we have no doubts about how talented he really is. The new photo session for CQ as a Fall 2010 preview admired fans with 12 photos of Taylor in hot trends of next season.
This reminded me the Matrix. The long black coat from Louis Vuitton looks amazing, but I suppose that shirt jacket for him is much better.

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