Saturday, August 14, 2010

Stephenie Meyer shares Eclipse shooting details.

Eclipse is in theaters for more than a month and it has in its box office more than $ 280 millions worldwide.
The author of the successful saga, Stephenie Meyer, was on set at this time in the most interesting scenes. So here is the story of The Twilight Saga Eclipse shooting process.

The filming dates for the movie were 17 August 2009 - 31 October 2009
It's hard to state the exact location, but the Eclipse was filmed in Canada. All action took place in British Columbia including major city - Vancouver.
Stephenie share with the tent scene shooting details. Did you know that :

- Kristen got seek when they were shooting Eclipse tent scene. She had stomach flu.
Everyone got lucky that it wasn't her time to speak in that scene, so she had just to lay on the ground in the sleeping bag.

- Taylor brought a garbage bag on set so Kristen Stewart could puke if she need to while shooting. By the way we're all glad that Kristen is feeling herself good right now. As well as it was very thoughtful from Taylor to bring the garbage bag and make care of Kristen.
- Edward supposed to be calm and mature, but it looks like he is angry in the scene after Jacob kissed Bella.

- Stephenie though that if Edward would grab Jacob's shoulder, the wolf should have at least blood on it. But the filmmakers decided to stay away from blood. When Stephenie thought of changing anything there ... "And they’d already filmed that day, we couldn’t redo it." commented Stephenie

- Another shock detail is that in the first version of tent scene, Jacob doesn't touch Bella while getting into sleeping bag. Thanks they've changed it or it would've been complete disaster.

- Kristen Stewart is knitting between takes. Can you even imagine that mega star Kristen like to come her self while knitting. I never saw any photo of Kristen knitting, but Stephenie told that lady from the crew, the hair lady Gina, taught Kristen how to knit.

So it's funny things happening over there, on the other side which is not opened. I wish we could know more about making the Eclipse or be more involved in it, but we will surely have some extra, exceeded and deleted scenes in Eclipse DVD.

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