Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Comparing Stephenie's real life and Twilight.

We can compare Cullens to Meyer's family as the hole story is totally made up, there is still place to some details that are more or less similar to authors life.

Stephenie is one of five kids, she was born in Hartford, Connecticut. But she grew in Phoenix, Arizona.
This is something familiar as this is exactly the town, that Bella left in the fist series of Twilight.
Stephenie wasn't very popular girl in the school and she has the same problem as Bella ran to.
"Are people from Arizona supposed to be tan?" but Stephenie never was.

I look at the photo where Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and Stephenie Meyer are close to each other and it really seems they are very much alike.

So is it possible that Bella Swan is like the real face of Stephenie Meyer many years ago?
Our dreams are not just a dreams. Stephenie's dream made her a millions of $ and gave the world romance of the 21 century.

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