Thursday, July 29, 2010

Robert Pattinson for Glamour UK

As the Remember Me is coming on DVD very soon, Robert shares his thoughts about Remember Me, Tyler and acting with Glamour magazine.

Did you know that Robert said "Yes" to "Remember Me" even before he start to shoot Twilight.
I'll remind that this isn't similar to anything drama that tells a story about young guy that is in the contradiction with life. He meets young girl in the college that particularly changes him a lot, changes his life from the inside.
In this movie there are a lot of scenes where Robert can be a very bad guy, not to fit into frames. This is exactly what he liked the most about this movie:

"I know, that's what one of the main things I liked about it; there are certain things which are like fantasy scenes of mine. It was quite satisfying, even the way he fights. It was all in the script, it said he fights like a pitbull, and I was just like, 'Yeah, I want to fight like a pitbull!"

By the way did you noticed that this is one of the kind for Robert to shoot this movie, as for the first time he is playing normal guy. His character has a lot of troubles, but he hasn't got any special powers or doesn't want to suck the blood out of you.

Now some exiting information to Twilight fans, Robert said that he is not sure yet, but they might start shooting "Breaking Dawn" at the end of this year.

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