Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jacob Black and Edward Cullen as two different personalities.

It is visible to the naked eye how different those two characters of The Twilight Saga are.

The thing is not only the physical difference and their confrontation. Stephenie put the emphasis on comparison of those two types as ice and fire, cold and warm, they are the most opposite types of person that you can even imagine.

Their characters as Jacob and Edward are not very common in the modern life. Stephenie took extreme prototypes to creating those.

Jacob is very kind and young with passion inside him, but an irony of fate is that those are usually get punished for their sincerely behaviour.
The third movie is opening that picture to the audience. Poor Jacob has not only opened his heart to the love of his life, but tried to do everything that he even could. Discarded, he put the emphasise on his feelings as the final words were:
"I'll be waiting"said Jacob
"Until my heart stops biting" continued Bella
"Maybe, And even then"Jacob brings down the curtain.

I compassionate him so much. I knew the story from the beginning of the movie, as all 4 books had been read several times by that moment, but Taylor was really good and made me feel so sad. The final episode was quite grievous.

The line that goes between Edward and Bella is quite simple that time. It more even Bella and Jacob than Edward. However there are a lot of moments were those three are put together. Robert is acting as vampire with long previous experience, he's calm and it's hard to understand if there are any other feelings except protection and afraid of loosing Bella. He is definitely cold and less emotional in comparison with Jacob.

It's great that Edward wants to make it all right, he is showing the love that is not just love. Could you give love of your life to someone only because you believe that it would be better for her? It is love on the next level. I truly believe that we can find those feelings on earth, but with all modern technologies and concerns ....

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is so essential to this generation as who else can show them where to go, what should they want to achieve, how love may hurt and how it can cure. You can find everything here. This part is full of caustic remarks, comic situations, deep feelings... This also shows that any choice that you've made in your life and any move you make will cause the consequence.

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