Saturday, July 24, 2010

Watch Eclipse online from scenes on Youtube

As  everyone is trying to watch Eclipse online, I decide to make it a bit easier and put all the scenes I found on YouTube in chronological order.

I suppose it should be the first one. Alice had vision, so they're trying to catch Victoria (Paul and Emmet's incident).

Next goes the scene at the parking lot near the school.

So as they left parking lot, Jacob brings Bella home where she meets Leah Clearwater.

So Edward wasn't very happy when Bella got home from Jacob, but it wasn't not the reason he had to worry about as someone was in her house, stranger.

As Bella isn't so safe anymore, wolfs and vampires try to work together. The idea with Switzerland I liked the most. So it's sort of relief.

While Bella is with Jacob, listening to the old stories and legends of Quileutes. Riley is making an army with Victoria and that is the place where Bree Tanner came in.

It's so unsafe around Seattle right now, but the scene is like an oasis in the desert.

As the next day Bella meets Jacob, he decides to tell about his feelings. We don't have that scene, but we can watch what has happened after Jacob kissed Bella.

Bella and Edward went to Cullens house so Carlisle could make a bandaging. But there is one person in Cullen's family that doesn't want to accept Bella's choice to be a monster.

While Rosalie is telling the story of her life to Bella, Volturi are watching how newborns act and decide to see what newborns are created for .

Alice had a vision,so Cullens must start fight trainings together with wolfs.

A lot scenes are missing since training such as Jasper's story, Edwrad's choice and Jacob carrying Bella across the forest. When we are back to Bella's house, she has very interesting talk with her father.

As they clear everything out. The battle is soon going to start, so we see Riley and Victoria together.

I hope you've liked it. It's not much of course, but if you are so passionated about Eclipse and searching for anyways to watch Eclipse online it's better , than nothing!


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