Monday, July 19, 2010

" Live with it" starring Bryce Dallas Howard and Anna Kendrick

"Live with it" is a new movie starring two Twilight stars Bryce Dallas Howard and Anna Kendrick, This amazing actresses will look as rival in that comedian drama. Bryce is playing girlfriend of the guy that find out, he has a very rare type of cancer. He is very surprised as he was always for healthy live style. Adam decide to go through the chemotherapy in order to survive. He tell everything to his relatives and his girlfriend.

But it's not enough, he starts to see young medical student Katie, played by Anna Kendrick. She is funny and different. As they are getting to know each other closer, Adam start to bring his attention to things that he never noticed before.

The release date is not stated, but it looks that it's going to hit the theaters in 2010.

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