Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stephenie helped to deal with wolf transformation problem.

This is the interview with Phil Tippet, who is visual effect supervisor in the Twilight Saga : New Moon and Eclipse. He told some secrets how actually the wolfs are transformed and how they made them look so real.

The wolves are transforming in half a second.
In the battle there was a big part of contact between vampires and wolves as well as a lot of choreography. This first of all shoot the actors after what added the wolves.

As to .... the most hard always is to make a contact with people and something that isn't even on set.

"We build this thing...we called a potato...the shape of the wolf...were people can hang out" Phil Tippet

Taylor was in a gray leotard in the scenes were Kristen speaks with Jacob as a Wolf. This all had to be done, so that actors could have eye contact in order to make the scene and the wolfs more realistic.

I believe he made a great job as fight scenes are incredible. This is another I like very much where Leah Clearwater transforms into wolf strait after meeting Bella. It's a very quick scene, but also a very natural one.

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