Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kristen Stewart "Mirror" interview

Why is everybody so passionated with Kristen Stewart. She is ordinary girl, a girl that we all can be, except that fact she is a mega star.

She has been acting since nine and already then she new that acting is pretty much for her as her mother Jules Mann-Stewart is a scriptwriter and her father John Stewart a producer. Born in the Hollywood welcomed family there was not a big deal for that small girl to participate in casting calls and actually know how it works.

She was an actress since nine, but she became a mega star and celebrity only after "Twilight" came out. This movie definitely changed her life. The fame isn't always a good thing and not money from celebrity world can cope with all the problems it may cause. Kristen Stewart wasn't the exception, it was hard to understand why everybody was so after her:

"I used to hate the interview process, but I’m getting better at it, now I’m more comfortable with myself. And just because I’m an actor, I don’t see why I should talk about my personal life. I had media training when I started Twilight, but I’d already been doing this for eight years, so I was like ‘Do you think you are going to wrap up all my insecurities and throw them out the window? Do you think you are going to put sound bites in my mouth? Not going to happen."

She also explained her attitude concerning team Edward and Jacob: 

"Well, I have to get behind Bella’s choice. I back her up. I think what’s so cool about her story is, despite everything Jacob can offer her, which would be easier, she and Edward just love each other"

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