Saturday, July 31, 2010

Melissa Rosenberg try to make Breaking Dawn as best as possible.

It is hard thing to implement on the screen that has been so popular on the paper. Twilight fans has already their opinion what should be on those two upcoming movies, and what is less important to them.
There has been a lot of rumors going on the fourth and fifth movies. A lot of fans thought that Melissa will cut the birth scene or that Jacob won't be included in the movies.

On the Facebook page Melissa Rosenberg finally had answered Twifan's questions. It all were just rumors and those two will be included for sure. It is also still stated that movie is going to be ranked PG-13 and a lot of fans wonder how Melissa will manage to insert all hot scenes under this rate. If you like to have up to date information and open your favorite scenes to the world as well as be sure that you're heard by screenwriter, join Melissa Rosenberg page on Facebook.

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