Wednesday, July 7, 2010

GMTV asks questions to Robert Pattinson.

Just before the Eclipse premier in the UK, this is the interview with Robert Pattinson and he is ready to answer all sticky questions.

If you want to know what is his favorite The Twilight Saga series ,Robert preferred diverse answer.
As the first movie was very new and interesting to film as "we were the same age" said Robert Pattinson. "New Moon was my favorite book" that's the main reason why Robert liked it so much. "Eclipse allowed a complete different performance for me" explained Robert.

The next question the most interesting one ,as the girl asked about the tips that Robert has taken from Edward character.

Robert said that "stay quite most of the time" is the good one for him. And did you know that he is also a very big romantic.

Robert Pattinson also believes that he can have a normal live if he won't go in that places where can be people that are so obsessed with Twilight.

And hey girls, Robert also told ,that it's not the problem to date with fan. Now you know, you have a chance.

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