Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Michael Angarano will always be someone special to Kristen Stewart.

Kristen is now on the road, having a lot of conferences and interviews; in one of those she couldn't stand under the pressure anymore.

So now we know a bit more details about Kristen's relationship with ex boyfriend Michael Angarano.

Last year in April Kristen confirmed that their relationships with Michael Angarano has been ended. They've been together for 4 years. She never spoke about her personal life and there has been more rumors and gossips that true story from Kristen.

She has mentioned in the interview that first love is very deep feeling. This is the feeling that you'll remember for many years as it is pure and naive love.

She also told, that there is one guy, that she'll remember forever.She consider her love as a first experience in her life. As it's not bad or good, but it's obviously first. She told that while filming the "New Moon" it wasn't only Bella's feelings there, it was her own emotions as well. She's become more like a sister, however those two have a lot of differences.

She described the first love as childhood. And she really envies people that have their first love till the end of their days.

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