Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kristen Stewart adores this lucky one.

No matter where she is or what she is doing , there is one favourite and most loved one with her.

I'm speaking about her cat named Max. She loves him so much as it was a human and even more. But there are some problems occurring from time to time as Max isn't the big fan of plains, long flights...the cat gets very nervous and can even scratch Kristen. She told that during the flight cat is absolutely insane and deranged.

"We're going to be shooting in Montreal and New Orleans and Mexico," Stewart said. "He hates to fly...he would rip all his claws out and...hate me ," Stewart added.  "I might pay someone to drive him, I don't know."

So if you're flying together with Kristen and her cat Max, better seat apart or you might get hurt.

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