Monday, July 19, 2010

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner kiss not in one take.

In the interview for the German promotion tour Kristen admitted that it wasn't just one take to make the kiss with Taylor perfect.

" be honest, we have to do that a lot, actually...Stephenie was on set, she wanted be very particular... I don't remember , but we did it a bunch..."

Kristen also told that it was like weird feeling in the begging as they are friends with Taylor, so it's kind of weird thing, but there has been a lot of kissing scenes in Kristen's life so far.
She has done more that 19 movies so far and not of them were innocent ones.

I just found out the movie named "Speak" starring Kristen Stewart, it has been released in 2004, but I never saw it. The movie is interesting to watch, Kristen play perfectly in it. If you're Kristen Stewart fan it is obviously must see one.

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