Monday, July 5, 2010

"Eclipse - is the most guy-friendly" thinks Ashley Greene.


This is the interview with Ashley Greene at Off The Cuff Rolling Stone.

She also said that this time guys shouldn't worry when their girls are begging them to go and see Eclipse in theaters as they gonna like it as well.

She also told a great story about New Moon filming and explained why she decide to drive that amazing yellow Porche.

Did you know that Ashley has an older brother and this is why to drive cars fast is not a problem.. there was always a competition

Ashley showed her childhood more detailed and good news: She was a good girl, went in modeling school and was always making friends with girls that were older than she was.

The one more interesting fact that you all probably heard of is that Ashley Green was auditioning for Bella as well. She didn't make it , but one thing she has is her positive attitude to live which put her as Alice Cullen.

You should watch this interview with Ashley Greene as in the end she is making Alice look very natural.

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