Monday, July 19, 2010

Kristen Stewart about living with Robert Pattinson, pregnancy and other rumors.

As she is promoting The Twilight Saga: Eclipse all over the world, it has been a lot of interviews published on the web.
I found one of this in Germany.
Kristen told that her live hasn't changed much, except that she need to go to the other places. It is understandable why all celebrities are changing a bit their lifestyle. They need to hide their faces and go to the places where no one can see them. Kristen admits that it is hard enough, but she is still the same old Kristen.

Speaking about the benefits of such incredible Twilight series success, Kristen Stewart underlines the opportunity to choose roles. It is not so essential to go for the auditions, now, she can pick the movies.

But there is always a milestones in any success: The tabloids, rumors, stories about you such as Kristen is pregnant. There are a lot of them recently. But what is the most funniest among all the rumors, Kristen commented:

"Like I have a phobia... actually developed a phobia... and I like sleep with garlic on my bed ... that's the funniest yet."

No doubt that it is fun for Kristen to read all those rumors about her and other Twilight actors. She also said, that she used to read all those tabloids and she couldn't even think that she will be among this people.

So here is the different stories that Kristen Stewart read about herself:

""Right now, I'm both living with Rob and he's breaking up with me... and I think I maybe pregnant as well and married... but we got married a couple times last year too..."

The number of rumors has grown dramatically and it is more comfortable to read tabloids to know what actually she need to do this week. It's all written there.

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