Sunday, July 18, 2010

Robert Pattinson haven't read The Breaking Dawn

Whether it's good or not, but it's true. Nearly a month ago Robert made the interview for MTV News, where he had been asked about Breaking Dawn, making into two films and the answer was:

"I haven't read a book.. So I don't know"

Shame on you, Robert. Are the actors suppose to know in what kind of movies they are filming in?

"I'm glad it is shooting together, at least" added Pattinson.

And it's necessity to shoot the two movies of Breaking Dawn together as all the actors as they are not vampires are getting older and older with every year. So if director would decide to shoot in even different years, no one knows what it could lead to.

Robert also told an interesting detail and the only thing he knows about the fourth part of The Twilight Saga is the scene with famous baby coming out. He also reveal one of his favorite horror films and it's called: "It's Alive"

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