Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kristen Stewart interview to Donna Moderna (Italy)

As Kristen Stewart have to change her tastes in the third series of Twilight Saga, "Eclipse", she is telling to the magazine how is it to kiss friends, to live with fame and to be Bella Swan.

It is her time for Twilight stars as Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are having a lot of interviews all over the world promoting Eclipse.
The popularity of Twilight characters increased since 2008.
Two years ago, they could escape in Europe from all those paparazzi and passionated fans, but times are getting smoother, the Italy, Germany, UK, Paris are among the biggest European fans now.

Kristen told that she is afraid of the crowds: "many people together can be dangerous." And that she feels like the normal life is ended and there will not be that time when she could walk in the cafe and just drink a Red Bull.

But let's get back to the movie and the scene that all fans not only from team Jacob were waiting for, but Edward's fans as well: The scene were Jacob kissed Bella.
By the way,we shouldn't forget that it was even twice.

"They’re completely different kisses. With Jacob is different. She kisses him because she doesn’t want to lose him, it’s a sort of manipulation. But in that moment she understands something she had never realized before, that he has lots to give her."

Kristen Stewart has mentioned several times that she's not Bella and the character is entire different person, but she explained:

"I feel like her. Bella is “weird”, in the symbolic sense of the word, but she’s happy with it. She’s always herself."

Kristen is sometimes weird, she has panic with all that fame thing, it's hard for her to stay public for too long, but I've noticed the big difference: Kristen is much more funnier than Bella is.

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