Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Why Stephenie called them Bella and Edward?

And the secret is finally opened. To find the right name for gorgeous "vegetarian" vampire, Stephenie was looking for something special.

She found it in great literature masterpieces "Jane Eyre" as Mr Edward Rochester and "Sense and Sensibility" as Mr Edward Ferrars.

The name of a girl that didn't really fit in the regular school company was not hard to find. As Stephenie has admitted that she loved her character as it was real person, she made her very close and it wasn't hard to pick the name. Stephenie always liked the name Isabella and wished to name her own daughter - Bella.

The Volturi is also a made up clan and characters, but some fans are looking for some kind of meaning in the Volturi name. I found one in urban dictionary: Volturi-something you threaten people with.

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