Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Xavier Samuel is hoping for the new movies based on the Bree story

The world has seen the next Stephenie Meyer's book named "The short second life of Bree turner" which describes the life of new born vampires, Riley's mission in it from Bree's point.

The Aussie actor told to Digispy that he wants to be the part of franchise a little bit more.
However, the director of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse David Slade mentioned on the press conference, that the novel is to cruel, severe and there are a lot of violence scene in it.

Xavier told about their conversation with Stephenie considering that book. As the movie could be quite impressive and all is had to be done is to put the rating R to that particular movie, but Stephenie is 100 % against that as she watch movies only with PG-13 ratings.

I believe that Xavier is very sexy and talented young actor, so Stephenie could give him a chance to introduce himself to the world.

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