Friday, July 23, 2010

Metric performing live.

Did you watch Leno The Tonight Show on 21/07? The Metric was there performing "Eclipse: (All yours)".

Metric is Canadian indie rock band. They have formed amazing team were Emily Haines is a vocalist and plays synthesizer and guitar as well, James Shaw who is a guitarist, Josh Winstead a bassist and Joules Scott-Key who is drummer.

Metric has released the first album in 2003, under the name "Old World Underground, Where are you now?".
The next called "Live It Out" that was released in 2005 was even nominated for two awards.
They've made another recording named "Grow Up and Blow Away" that was released by Last Gang Records in 2007.

The most recent album called Fantasies hit the shops on April 7,2009. It wasn't the breakthrough, but they've won Alternative Album of the Year and Group of the Year at the 2010 Juno Awards.

After Eclipse soundtracks came out, Metric became even more popular. To participate in the Twilight phenomena is like to win a lottery, because if you're in, you will definitely get something out of it.

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