Sunday, July 4, 2010

Taylor Lautner on Late show with David Letterman

This is another appearance of Taylor Lautner on TV shows as the part of Eclipse promotion. This was the first time he made it on Late show with Letterman.

On the first question about fans, Taylor told that they are all different, but they are screaming a lot and sometimes as in Japan, they are crying more often. Taylor isn't surprised that a lot of fans were waiting for his arrival outside as it is a regular thing for him now.

It's great to know what is the difference between all of the fans around the world as we know Twilight- that's want is in common.

The Brazil fans appears to be very aggressive as they were breaking the borders, storming the lobby. The security couldn't calm them down , so they had to call national guards.

Another funny moment was when David asked Taylor about the education. Taylor has finished high school and now even trying to continue in college, so David asked for a favor to swear that Taylor will finished his college.The answer was incredible. "Yeah, as long as I'm not working" said Taylor.
Taylor was looking very good with his favorite tie and amazing black suit.

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